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Seedlings: ‘Lemon Swirl’ Four O’Clock, Mirabilis jalapa

The Four O’Clock is best described by Pomona Belvedere. Customer feedback was that the plants are not bushy as often described but sprawling as Ms. Belvedere writes. However, profuse blooms and toughness should be enough for anyone. Try digging up the bulb at the end of the season in NC if you want to have a vigorous start to the next year.

Four O'Clock 'Lemon Swirl' - Mirabilis jalapa

Four O’Clock ‘Lemon Swirl’ – Mirabilis jalapa – 17 Days From Sowing

Germination: As pictured above. Seed was room-temperature stored and purchased in February 2014 making the seed over 2 years old. Seed covered in soil to 3/8 inch and germinated at room temperature with light which provided heat, though the light itself was unimportant. Germination was 50% at 5 days and 90% at 9 days.

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