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Delivery & Shipping

Here is a short explanation of options I offer at Fresh From Seed to get the plants I grow for you, to you.

LOCAL MEET-UP: If you live locally and can help my out by meeting me half-way, I offer a meet-up option to deliver your plants. This helps me because it saves time. This helps you because there is no charge for this option. Meet-ups take place in public locations such as town squares or shopping centers. Bring a box or tray for your plants and I’ll be ever so thankful.

LOCAL DELIVERY: If you live locally but wants your plants delivered, I’ll bring your plants to your home or business for a small fee. Your plants will be delivered in paper bags, recycled trays, or recycled boxes depending on the quantity. If I’m able to take the supplies back with me, again, I’ll be ever so thankful.

SHIPPED: If you don’t live locally, your order will be shipped. As I’ve learned from years working in Internet sales and from the best nurseries in the business, shipping has many costs that you might not think of immediately.

My goal is to break even on shipping costs. Fresh From Seed is not Amazon. I’ll never be able ship as cheaply as they do, nor will I discount shipping as a loss leader because that hurts my customers who live locally. Also, Amazon’s packaging has been awful.

I charge my cost to ship your plants so they arrive in excellent condition. What does my cost include?

  • Actual charges by the carrier (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc)
  • Materials: New boxes, packaging supplies
  • Labor: Careful plant packaging and packing, shipping arrangement, facility drop off

These are costs I don’t have for local deliveries. Again, my goal is to break even on shipping costs. Shipping costs are shown on the quote you receive after submitting an order.