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Seedlings: Orange Jalapeno Pepper, Capsicum annuum

The Orange Jalapeno Pepper, Capsicum annuum, is very productive pepper that consistently gets positive feedback. Though I don’t often mention my seed suppliers, this variety was from JL Hudson in California. JL Hudson, Seedsman is a public access seed bank. While not as easy to use as a commercial seed seller, he provides great seeds, great research, and respects your privacy. If you like what he sells, but just want plants – order from Fresh From Seed.

Orange Jalapeno Pepper - Capsicum annuum

Orange Jalapeno Pepper – Capsicum annuum – 17 Days From Sowing

Germination: As pictured above. Seed was room-temperature stored and purchased in February 2014 making the seed over 2 years old. Seed covered in soil to 1/4 inch and germinated at room temperature with light which provided heat, though the light itself was unimportant. Germination was 40% at 12 days and 75% at 16 days.

Peppers take longer to germinate than tomatoes, for example, but tend to come up over a few days once they get going. I’ve often seen stragglers turn up weeks later, however. If you are germinating valuable pepper seed, it makes sense to hold on to the pot for a few weeks beyond the initial germination period.

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