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    1. Provide your contact information.

    2. List the plants you want grown from seed and in what quantity. Provide a reference if you like. THERE IS NO MINIMUM ORDER. Plants are rated 'Easy', 'Medium', and 'Hard' according to seed cost, germination difficulty, and growth time. Discounts increase as you order more plants of a single variety. All plants come in 3" (10oz/300ml) pots with large root systems unless otherwise specified.

    3. Choose a date for your plants to be ready. I list typical scheduling for many plants I have grown, but I'll grow nearly any seed available.

    4. Select a delivery option.

    5. Review my terms, check the box to agree, and send your order. Seeds are alive. Not every seed will germinate, but I always refund your money for the plants I can't grow.

    6. I'll email you exact pricing & scheduling in 2 business days. Production starts when I receive payment. I accept debit card, cash, check, or money order.

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  • Quantity Discount Reference

    1. Discounts Apply To 2 Or More Of A Single Variety - - For example, if you order (2) ‘Black Krim’ tomatoes, you’ll receive a discount because that is 2 plants of a single variety. If you order (1) ‘Black Krim’ and (1) ‘Chocolate Cherry’, you won't.

    Quantity(Easy) Per Plant(Medium) Per Plant(Hard) Per Plant
    Please contact for single variety quantities >10, plugs, or other start options.
  • 3. Scheduling

    • I schedule your order so that plants mature at the same time. The shortest lead times are 5 weeks for cucumbers, watermelons, and the like. A large number of plants take from 6-10 weeks. I'll grow plants that take 20 weeks or more, if you have the patience.

    • For example, you order two types of peppers and a columbine. Peppers take 6 weeks and columbines 10 weeks. Your order can be ready in 10 weeks.

    • I'll choose the exact schedule. Where possible, I'll schedule it as you request. Unfortunately, I can't grow plants faster than nature allows.

  • Historical Scheduling Chart - Plants Grown Into 3" (10oz/300ml) Pots

    F1 Hybrid plants are up to $1 more per plant.

    Plant GroupStarting @, Per PlantTypical Production Time
    Artichoke ... Cynara spp.$67 weeks
    Baptisia ... Baptisia spp.$6 - $107-9 weeks
    Basil ... Ocimum spp.$66 weeks
    Bellflower ... Campanula spp.$8 - $1010 weeks
    Blackberry Lily ... Belamcanda spp.$811 weeks
    Blackeyed Susan ... Rudbeckia spp.$68 weeks
    Blackeyed Susan Vine ... Thunbergia spp.$67 weeks
    Blanketflower ... Gaillardia spp.$67 weeks
    Butterfly Bush ... Buddleja spp.$6 - $88-12 weeks
    Butterfly Weed ... Asclepias spp.$6 - $88-12 weeks
    Calamintha ... Calamintha spp.$66 weeks
    Calendula ... Calendula spp.$55 weeks
    Lobelia ... Lobelia spp.$6 - $1010-14 weeks
    Carnation ... Dianthus spp.$810 weeks
    Carolina Allspice ... Calycanthus spp.$69 weeks
    Catmint ... Nepeta spp.$67 weeks
    Chocolate Daisy ... Berlandiera spp.$68 weeks
    Coleus ... Solenostemon spp.$68 weeks
    Columbine ... Aquilegia spp.$8 - $1010-14 weeks
    Coneflower ... Echinacea spp.$8 - $108-12 weeks
    Coreopsis ... Coreopsis spp.$67 weeks
    Cotton ... Gossypium spp.$66 weeks
    Cucumber ... Cucumis spp.$55 weeks
    Cupid's Dart ... Catananche spp.$67 weeks
    Datura ... Datura spp.$67 weeks
    Dill ... Anethum spp.$68 weeks
    Eggplant ... Solanum spp.$66 weeks
    English Daisy ... Bellis spp.$69 weeks
    Foxglove ... Digitalis spp.$8 - $109-11 weeks
    Gazania ... Gazania spp.$68 weeks
    Gourd ... Lagenaria spp.$55 weeks
    Heuchera ... Heuchera spp.$6 - $109 weeks
    Hollyhock ... Alcea spp.$6 - $87 weeks
    Hyssop ... Agastache spp.$6 - $87-9 weeks
    Lavender ... Lavandula spp.$8-$1012 weeks
    Lemonbalm ... Melissa spp.$67 weeks
    Lemongrass ... Cymbopogon spp.$88 weeks
    Lettuce ... Lactuca spp.$56 weeks
    Lupine ... Lupinus spp.$6 - $87-9 weeks
    Marigold ... Tagetes spp.$68 weeks
    Mexican Hat ... Ratibida spp.$68 weeks
    Mexican Sunflower ... Tithonia spp.$66 weeks
    Milkweed ... Asclepias spp.$6 - $108-12 weeks
    Mint ... Mentha spp.$67 weeks
    Monarda ... Monarda spp.$69 weeks
    Mountain Mint ... Pycnanthemum spp.$811 weeks
    Okra ... Abelmoschus spp.$56 weeks
    Oregano ... Origanum spp.$68 weeks
    Ornamental Kale ... Brassica spp.$66 weeks
    Peanut ... Arachis spp.$66 weeks
    Pepper ... Capsicum spp.$67 weeks
    Petunia ... Petunia spp.$68 weeks
    Physostegia ... Physostegia spp.$811 weeks
    Poppy ... Papaver spp.$68 weeks
    Primrose ... Oenothera spp.$69 weeks
    Pumpkin ... Cucurbita spp.$55 weeks
    Rosemary ... Rosmarinus spp.$810 weeks
    Ruby Grass ... Melinus spp.$611 weeks
    Sage/Salvia ... Salvia spp.$6 - $87-8 weeks
    Showy Tick Trefoil ... Desmodium spp.$68 weeks
    Snapdragon ... Antirrhinum spp.$6 - $87-9 weeks
    Speedwell ... Veronica spp.$69 weeks
    Strawberry ... Fragaria spp.$812 weeks
    Sunflower ... Helianthus spp.$56 weeks
    Tephrosia ... Tephrosia spp.$69 weeks
    Tomatillo ... Physalis spp.$66 weeks
    Tomato ... Lycopersicon spp.$66 weeks
    Watermelon ... Citrullus spp.$55 weeks
    Yarrow ... Achillea spp.$610 weeks
    Zinnia ... Zinnia spp.$56 weeks
    Meet-up and local delivery is within a 15 mile radius of 27502. Meet-ups and local deliveries take place on Sunday. Local deliveries will be left if no one is home at the time. Shipping within NC via ground, out-of-state via 2 or 3 day. More information on Delivery
  • Terms & Conditions


    • All sales are final. However, I always refund your money for the plants I can't grow.
    • All scheduling is final.
    • My responsibility ends once your plants have been delivered.


    • Pricing is finalized once I send your invoice.

    Lead Time

    • Production starts after payment is received and accepted.
    • Lead time indicates time from when payment has been processed, not when the order is received.


    • $25.00 charge for returned checks.
    • $10.00 charge for missed meet-ups and local delivery re-attempts.
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