Why Use Fresh From Seed?

“Any Plant, Any Time”

What does “Any Plant, Any Time” mean? With tens-of-thousands of plant varieties available by seed and with growing facilities I developed available 365 days a year, you can get any plant any time. That’s the mission of my company. I turn those seed catalogs & websites into plants for you. Say what & when and I do the rest. And who uses my services? I grow plants for everyone. For people with no experience (“Do I need to take this plant out of the pot?”) and for those who are Master Gardeners & research scientists. They choose Fresh From Seed. Here is why you should too:

Choose Fresh From Seed if you want:

  • High quality plants at peak vigor
  • Varieties available from seed only
  • Plants ready when you want them

What you do:

  • Tell me what
  • Tell me when
  • Pay

What I do for you (OR what you save time and money on):

  • Purchase seeds
  • Germinate seeds
  • Thin, grow, and transplant seedlings
  • Water and fertilize
  • Control diseases and pests
  • Schedule start dates

Order your plants today!