Gilia tricolor Flower

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I turn seed catalogs & websites into plants for you. Say what & when - I do the rest.

Growing plants from seed is exciting, isn't it? When those seed catalogs come in the mail or when you visit your favorite seed website and look at what's new for the year, you can't help but be excited. You make a list, and, of course, it gets a little out of hand. You manage to trim it down once or twice to something reasonable and order. Finally, one day you open your mailbox and your seeds are there. Time to get started. But life interferes, your time is limited, and even lack of space becomes an issue. In the end, you get just a few of your favorites ready for the garden.

For all the plants you wish you had, there is Fresh From Seed. I grow the plants you want. And like you, I grow from seed. Ordering is simple; just tell me the plants you want and when you want them. I do the rest. And receiving your plants, grown for you, will be just as exciting as seeing those seeds in your mailbox.

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